David “Corey” Staver CHAMP, CAPS

Senior Accessibility Specialist President and CEO David Corey Company

Corey graduated from Loma Linda University and began his career working as an Occupational Therapist at the Loma Linda University Medical Center in the Spinal Cord and TBI rehabilitation department. After starting a private practice, Corey’s focus turned to Geriatrics, working with Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Agencies. Corey moved to Florida in 1998 and continued working as an occupational therapist in skilled nursing and home health settings. Simultaneously, Corey worked with Paul Davis, a nationally recognized leader in the property insurance contracting industry. Partnering with Mr. Davis, Corey managed the development of a contractor direct repair business servicing property insurance companies. In 2004, Corey founded the David Corey Company, Inc., a national housing and home modification services company, servicing the workers’ compensation industry, and providing housing and home modification services to individuals with disabilities. Corey developed the CHAMP (Certified Home Assessment and Modification Professional) certification program and created the “ATTACK” method of home assessments. Corey has been involved with over 4,000 home modifications projects across the US and has participated in international projects as well. Corey has been a featured speaker and recognized consultant to major insurance companies and service providers within the workers’ compensation industry.