Bob Wilson

Founding Partner, President, & CEO of

Bob Wilson is a founding partner, President & CEO of, based in Sarasota, Florida. He has presented at seminars and conferences on a variety of topics, related to both technology within the workers’ compensation industry, and bettering the workers’ comp system through improved employee/employer relations and claims management techniques. He is the author of “From Bob’s Cluttered Desk”, a blog repeatedly named as a top national workers’ compensation blog by LexisNexis. Additionally, he has been named as one of the “50 Most Influential People in Workers’ Comp” by the SEAK National Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference and authored a featured point-counterpoint debate with John Burton on the future of workers’ compensation in the IAIABC Journal. With an extensive business management and human resource background, Bob brings a strong employer and corporate voice to the workers’ compensation arena.