Dan Sung, Esq.

Daniel Sung is manager of Medical Policy at the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. In this capacity, he regulates the healthcare system for injured workers in Colorado. The medical programs he leads include Division Independent Medical Examinations, Provider Accreditation, Utilization Standards, Medical Treatment Guidelines, Medical Fee Schedule, Medical Utilization Review, Medical Dispute Resolution, and the medical bill payment unit for Colorado’s Special Insurance Funds. For over twenty years, he has shaped national policy in the areas of healthcare reimbursement, medical coding, occupational health, and workers’ compensation. Dan received his bachelor’s degree. in Political Science from the University of Chicago, J.D. from the Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington, M.B.A. and M.S. Management from Colorado State University, and M.S. Finance from the University of Colorado – Denver. Dan is an avid outdoor enthusiast. In particular, he loves backcountry skiing and mountain biking, so living in Colorado is a dream come true.