Jamie Brower, PsyD, ABPPSP

Dr. Brower is currently the Vice President of Peer Support and Clinician Training and Certification with Lexipol. She is the Founder of the National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Centerâ„¢ (NERPSC) and the Founder/Owner of Brower Psychological Services in Denver, Colorado, supporting over 150 agencies nationally at local, state, and federal levels.

Dr. Brower has devoted herself to serving public safety personnel and their loved ones for more than 20 years. The breadth of her professional experience includes work with law enforcement, fire, corrections/detentions, EMS, dispatch, victim advocates, military, probation/parole, and other associated professionals, as well as those working in extreme environments like Antarctica. Dr. Brower has personal ties to this population with her father and grandfather’s all proudly serving in the military and her husband, who served in law enforcement for over 38 years. She understands the unique demands and challenges that public safety, military personnel, and their families face while serving their communities and countries.

Dr. Brower has held numerous positions with various professional organizations and is American Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology (ABPPSP), currently serving on the ABPPSP Board, as President-elect and the National Chair of Examinations.